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A. HOW YOU FEEL PAINThere is no such thing as pain if it doesn’t reach the brain. When a pain impulse is initiated, it must reach the brain to be determined as pain. Our illustration to the right exemplifies this concept.

The nerve impulse is carried to the brain in a manner that is similar to the flow of electricity along a wire. Simplified, the pain impulse is transmitted to the brain via a flow of positively charged magnetic particles called ions.

There are several ways to block the transmission of the pain impulse to the brain. One is the use of an anesthetic block. A second is the use of drugs which act on the hypothalamus of the brain to dull the pain. The third is the use of Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion Therapy to impede the flow of the nerve impulse.

By placing a highly powerful negative magnetic field over the nerve, the magnetically, positively charged ions will be attracted to the negative magnetic field, thus impeding the flow of the positively charged ions along the nerves to the brain. Of course, some of the positive ions will escape, thereby allowing continued sensation. However, our research reveals that the longer the magnets are in place over the affected site, the more effective the negative magnetic field will become, Thus, the longer the product is used, the more effective it becomes.

On the basis of this research, Dr. Bakst applied for and received the only magnetic concept patent in the United States (U.S. Patent #5707333).

B. ABOUT GERMANIUMGermanium allows anion(outer electronic) to be fast absorbed in the body in case of being touched the skin, due to its semiconductor attribute,and functions as incrersing the vitality of skin. Also, incase of entering the inside of the body,it is discharged outside the body within20~30 hours together with harmful substance, thus there is no poisoning or side effdct at all.

If a particle of germanium comes to contact with the skin of a person, the semiconductor attribute enters the inside of skin tissuce due to the osmometry activity of outer electronic. Germanium, which infiltrated up into the capillary vessel inside the subcutis, moves the electronic in the blood wall, normalizes the blood due to the function of purifying blood, and allows a pain to be avoided by discharging the excessively electronic flow.
C. ABOUT TITANIUMTitanium has the most bio-friendly characteristic among all metals such as the resistance to physiologically rejection rejection phenomenon of body fluids,as well as high intensity and lowly modulus of elasticity.lts weight is light compared to iron and has no allergy or virulence enough to be used for medical equipment,thus being a metal that is excellent in bio-appropriateness and has specially electrical characteristic.

A role of titanium is in increasing conductibility of anion and far-infrared that occur in the added raw ore,thereby having faster influence on the human body.
D. ABOUT MAGNETSMagnetic strength is measured in gauss. The higher the gauss rating, the stronger and more effective the magnet will be. Magnets can be compared to light bulbs. 40 watt bulbs do not shine as brightly as 100 watt bulbs. The same is true of magnets, the higher the gauss, the stronger the magnet will be.

The magnetic field has the ability to penetrate through the skin. Correspondingly, different magnets have different depths of penetration through the skin.
Our products are the only ones  on the market that use strategically placed  Germanium, Titanium, Non-rusting magnets, which makes our products superior and more effective than any other product on the market.(See graphs of penetration depth.)

Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion cannot simply be placed indiscriminately over an affected site. It must be placed so that they can reach the affected nerves. The placement over the affected site, and the material in which the Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion are placed are what make our products so unique and effective. Most products on the market do not take these factors into consideration.

Our products are carefully and scientifically prepared. Using the anatomy book to carefully document the position and course of the affected nerve, then carefully places the Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion in the scientifically appropriate position. In addition, the depth of the nerve is carefully measured and the appropriate magnet is used in that area. That is why we strategically place a considerable number of Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion in our products. Lastly, we use the highest quality neoprene available to add additional support to our products.

Our products are the only ones available on the market in which Germanium, Titanium, Non-rusting magnets, Minus Ion are used and strategically placed.

F. OUR PRODUCTS ARE THE BEST AVAILABLE1. It is the only magnet product with Germanium, Titanium,Non-Rusting Magnet,Minus Ion.

2. All products have ions strategically and anatomically placed by Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion to maximize proper placement, polarity, position, penetration and power.

3. Only our products contain and use Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion for maximum pain control.

4. Our products maximize comfort and pain relief.


Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion also have been scientifically proven to have a profound effect on a basic cellular level. It has been demonstrated that they increase circulation to the area within the magnetic field. They increase tissue phosphorylization, which aids in fibroblast proliferation and the healing of tissue. It increases the level of alkaline phosphatase at fracture sites, which expedites healing of fractures. It affects the membranes of red blood cells, decreasing rouleaux formation and increasing oxygenation of tissue. There are a multitude of other salutary effects of Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion on a basic cellular level, which are just beginning to be appreciated. So, although Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion themselves do not heal an injury, they increase circulation to the affected area, thereby helping the body to heal more quickly.

Veterinarians have been using Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion to help alleviate pain and swelling in horses. Recently, a group of advanced orthopedic surgeons have begun to use Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion on fracture sites to expedite the healing of some of the more difficult fractures.

We continue to receive hundreds of letters from doctors, athletes and people of all professions who attest to the wonders of Dr. BOX’s Ge-Ti-Magnet-Minus Ion products. Almost everyone who uses our products have obtained relief from their pain. Our products are scientifically researched, designed and are highly effective.

Titanium and Germanium jewelry is already well known in Japan and throughout Asia. In the US, men and women, golfers, baseball players, and other sports pros wear them - now you can, too.

"...For a positive psychological state, negative ion exposure appeared to be associated with feeling better about self, less sensitive, and more responsive or innervated (energized)."
             --Dr. Bob Arnot in an interview with Connie Chung on CBS news

I need my Blue Quartz Germanium Pendant!Humans in modern society experience a great deal of mental stress and are constantly being bombarded with increasing levels of EMF/ELF radiation generated by computer, cell phone, and many other electronic devices. Besides, pollutants in the air and chemicals in our food and drinks often become free radicals that constantly invade healthy cells in our body. As a result, the bio-electric current in the body is often in disarray.

Titanium, germanium, magnetite, black tourmaline and many other mineral BioElectric Activityelements possess special electrical characteristics that can help reorganize and stabilize the disorderly bio-electric activity in the human body. By using these products, electric energy of the red blood cells become normalized and electrically balanced, so they no longer bundle into clusters. When red blood cells operates independently, it is much more efficient in transporting oxygen and nutrients.

this jewelry utilizes a combination of specific earth elements that release negative ions and help balance the body. Not only beautiful, Gaia Rhythms jewelry is also a powerful all-in-one health booster.

I woke up with some bad inflammation on my right side of my body and was lucky enough to receive the ionic bracelet that day and put it on. Within an hour I noticed that I had not thought about the inflammation and the right side of my body felt lighter. Having fibromyalgia this type of inflammation would normally last throughout the day.  I also have noticed a calming effect, feeling more centered and peaceful. This is a great tool for easing stress... I have tried other products in the past. This really is the best.

Thanks so much Tim for bringing these products to us.  


Negative Ions

Negative ions are created naturally in nature by the energy associated with waterfalls, rolling surf and lightning. Negative ions are negatively charged particles formed when enough energy acts on a molecule to eject an electron. The displaced electron then attaches itself to a nearby molecule, which then becomes a Negative Ion. Negative ions can have a refreshing effect on the body; similar to the experience you would have if you were standing next to a waterfall. Negative ions can also produce a calming effect on the mind and support immune function.


Germanium 89.6Germanium is a crucial factor in the constituents of this jewelry. Germanium is a very important semi-conductor that releases negative ions when its temperature reaches 89.6° F. When germanium comes in contact with our skin, it releases negative ions into our body. The negative ions proceed to neutralize the positive ions that are stressful to our body. Germanium ions may also enhance immune function, balance and protect against the effects of EMF radiation, and balance disorderly bio-electric activity.


Titanium was first discovered at the end of the 18th century. The name was derived from the Titans of Greek mythology, known for their extreme vitality and superior strength. Titanium is the only element possessing the strength of steel, yet with a weight comparable to aluminum. Its light weight makes it comfortable to wear. Titanium is a safe, hypoallergenic metal with strong, rust-resistant characteristics. Widely used in the medical and sports fields, this light weight metal also has the ability to regulate the body's natural electric currents through cell ionization. Titanium may assist with EMF balance and protection. Titanium is one of the least toxic metal to humans, yet it has toxic effects against certain bacteria. It is an excellent choice for people who do not usually wear jewelry due to sensitive skin. It can be cleaned with any non abrasive soap or cleaner.

Titanium is the only element that offers the unique combination of beauty, strength, light weight, and bio-compatibility.